Terms of use to MyContentAuthor.com

By accessing this site, the Copywriter Freelancer  agrees to be guided by the current Terms and Conditions of Use, and therefore must check them in advance each time you visit this site.


CLIENT: Individual or legal entity that orders the production of written content to MYCONTENTAUTHOR, to be performed by the Freelancer Copywriter;

COPYWRITER FREELANCER: Professional without employment contract, autonomous, duly registered in MYCONTENTAUTHOR database, which produces written content through the online platform of Estipulante, in an eventuality;

STIPULANTE: Legal person responsible for managing the offers between Customer and Freelancer Copywriter, called MYCONTENTAUTHOR;

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: All information related to the Stipulant and / or business of any Client, whose knowledge by third parties may result in legal uncertainty or loss of advantage, affecting directly or indirectly the commercial relationship between the Client and the Stipulant, and that offends the right of these And third parties involved, such as, but not limited to, trade secrets, inventions, ideas, processes, codes, formulas, data, programs, know-how, improvements, discoveries, developments, projects, techniques and others that may arise , Has to remain within the confidentiality.

DEADLINE: The time between the acceptance of the freelance writing service and the date for delivery of the final content;

SERVICE: Writing written content, contracted and prepared by the Freelancer Copywriter, to meet the needs presented by the Client and mediated by the Stipulante;

TERMS OF USE: Rules established for use of the online platform of Estipulante, of mandatory compliance;

VALIDATION: Any content produced by the Freelancer Copywriter will only be valid after delivery to the Stipulator within the period previously established when hiring the freelancer service.


  1. The Stipulante offers to the Customer the service of production of original content, in payment for the provision of the service.

  2. The Freelancer Copywriter, by accepting these Terms of Use and Terms of Service Freelancers Writing, and with authorized access in the online platform of Estipulante (username and password), seeks autonomous services offers to prepare original written content and receive remuneration Accepts to perform this service, as adjusted directly and exclusively with the Stipulant.

  3. The Freelancer Copywriter recognizes that these Terms of Use and Terms of Service Freelancers Writing Services must be observed and faithfully fulfilled, under the penalties provided in these terms.

  4. It is the duty of the Freelancer Copywriter to keep up-to-date the personal data provided when signing up for the online platform of Estipulante. Any inconsistency in the registered data is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Freelancer Editor, declaring, in this act, the veracity of the information provided.

  5. The Freelancer Copywriter is not authorized to make any statement, contract or appointment on behalf of the Stipulator, including contacts and contracting directly with his Customers.

  6. In the event that the Freelancer Copywriter maintains any type of unauthorized contact directly with the Stipulante Client, he will be automatically excluded from the professional freelancers registered in his database, being exempted the right of the Stipulante to move judicial measure for noncompliance of this term.

  7. The Freelancer Copywriter recognizes that he is not an employee of the Stipulante and that he will render the service as a self-employed professional, without employment contract, in an eventual, non-exclusive, non-subordination basis and upon receipt of remuneration previously adjusted solely and exclusively for the service rendered.

  8. The Freelancer Copywriter is not entitled to any employment benefits that the stipulator may eventually make available to its employees, such as insurance, profit sharing, etc.

  9. In order to carry out the contracted service, the Freelancer Copywriter will use his own equipment, time, space and any other materials necessary to carry out the work that has been proposed to him, at his own expense, obeying the deadline established with the Stipulante.

  10. It is up to the Freelancer Copywriter to collect all federal, state, district and / or municipal taxes, union collections and other fiscal charges that may be levied on the rendering of the service.

  11. The Withholding Tax withheld on the amount paid in the contracting of content production will be deducted and withheld directly from the Federal Revenue Service, with the exception of the right of return of the Stipulator, in the event that the fiscal authority requires, referring to any tax liability in the capacity of responsible Related to the payment of the fees for the provision of autonomous text-writing services.

  12. The Freelancer Copywriter is prohibited from:

    1. Violate any of the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions;

    2. Produce content that may violate the universal and individual rights of a natural or legal person;

    3. Produce content that contains defamatory comments against any natural or legal person, living or deceased;

    4. Produce content that is contrary to morality, incites violence, hatred, racism or is considered illegal;

    5. Commit any kind of fraud;

    6. Violate or infringe intellectual property rights, fiduciary or contractual rights, privacy or publicity rights of others;

    7. Produce plagiarized content, in whole or in part, including works published abroad or in foreign languages, under the penalties described in item 15;

    8. To disclose, without Stipulante’s consent, any data, such as names, telephones, e-mails, Internet resources managed by Stipulante or third parties, for commercial, promotional, political and other purposes;

    9. Reproduce, reproduce, copy, modify and / or modify content that does not belong to you or that you do not have the right and / or authorization to publish and / or distribute.

  13. The Freelancer Copywriter agrees that during and after the term of these Terms of Use and Conditions, will not disclose and / or use any confidential and privileged information that the same will have through the platform presented by Stipulante, being authorized to use Only information that was already known to them and not acquired as a result of violation of third party rights, mainly transmitting information to competing platforms.

  14. In this act, the Freelancer Copywriter declares that it is totally and partially forbidden to use content owned by third parties when providing the writing service in favor of the Stipulator.

  15. The Stipulator is authorized to take all measures necessary and necessary to protect its interests if a Freelancer Copywriter disrespects the confidentiality clause, as well as violates any other clause of these Terms and Conditions, being at the discretion of the Stipulante the immediate exclusion of the same from its bank As well as promoting judicial and extrajudicial measures to protect the interests of its own and its clients.


  1. The Freelancer Copywriter who is interested in producing content for the Stipulator must undergo essay writing for the thematic categories of interest.

  2. If approved, the Freelancer Copywriter will be invited to write texts for Customers. Only a Freelancer Copywriter can write each open text on the Stipulator’s online platform.

  3. The Freelancer Copywriter will produce content in accordance with the strategy and information passed by the Client, available on the online platform, also taking into account the concepts and best practices of content marketing. The Stipulante review team will review the content, verifying that the text has been developed in accordance with the expectations of the staff.

  4. The Freelancer Copywriter shall follow all editorial instructions defined by the Stipulator, including, but not limited to: number of words, lines, pages, font, font size, set of keywords, citations, references, etc.

  5. In the act of accepting the service, the Freelancer Copywriter declares himself fully able to perform what was proposed. In addition, by accepting the invitation of a task, it is the responsibility of the Freelancer Copywriter to make all necessary adjustments and modifications until the Stipulator and the Client are completely satisfied with the content.

  6. The Freelancer Copywriter agrees that it will comply with the request of the Client and the Stipulator in its entirety, within reasonable limits and having understood the proposal of the final result of the service that was contracted.

  7. Upon approval of the internal team, the text will be sent to the Client, who may approve or disapprove the content. When approved, credits for the service will be remitted to the Freelancer Copywriter’s account in the online platform.

  8. The Freelancer Copywriter agrees with the remuneration adjusted to carry out the proposed task, being authorized to exceed the number of words, lines and pages initially proposed. However, it accepts that there will be no extra remuneration for what exceeds the amount of the adjusted remuneration.


  1. After accepting the service offer, the Freelancer Copywriter will have a variable deadline within which to deliver the final content to the Stipulator.

  2. The time limit is defined by the Client and indicated in each service offer.

  3. By accepting the offer to prepare the text, the Freelancer Copywriter agrees with the deadline required by the Client, being responsible for the timely compliance of the agreement.

  4. Qualquer prejuízo oriundo do descumprimento do prazo descrito na oferta será suportado pelo Redator Freelancer.

  5. Any loss arising from non-compliance with the deadline described in the offer will be borne by the Freelancer Copywriter.

  6. The Freelancer Copywriter’s payment is made exclusively and exclusively by means of bank transfer, whose bank details will be stored in the online platform of Estipulante.


  1. The final content presented by the Freelancer Copywriter should be produced based on the following criteria:

    1. Content can not be plagiarized;

    2. The facts described in the written material must be true;

    3. The Freelancer Copywriter is responsible for the final content and can not contain grammatical / spelling errors;

  2. The final content will be subject to change, until it is in full compliance with the Customer’s expectation, within 48 hours.

  3. The content must follow the editorial guidelines stipulated by the Client and Stipulante.


  1. Under the terms of Law no. 9.610 / 1998, which deals with the copyright in Brazil, the Freelancer Copywriter grants to the Stipulator any and all rights to the content produced under these Terms and Conditions, in an exclusive, irrevocable, irreversible way and free of any restrictions of time and / Or geographic.

  2. This authorization will be considered valid and irrevocable, from the acceptance of the service proposed by Stipulante.

  3. The Freelancer Copywriter authorizes the publication of the final content by the Stipulante Customers, in any media and as often as the Client deems necessary, and the Client may publish the content in his name, without making mention to the Freelancer Copywriter, with the latter committing himself not to claim , Under no circumstances, any copyrights assigned to the Stipulante.

  4. Due to the assignment of copyrights on the final content, the Freelancer Copywriter is prohibited from linking and publishing the content in any national and / or international communication vehicle, otherwise it will be automatically excluded from the Stipulante’s database, Move any extrajudicial or judicial procedure that it deems necessary to assert its rights.


  1. The Stipulante, when it is the purpose of the service rendering, will grant, directly or indirectly, the rights or interests to third parties and will be the owner of all copyrights assigned by the Freelancer Copywriter, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

  2. In these Terms and Conditions, the Freelancer Copywriter accepts and authorizes the Customers of the Stipulator to publish the final contents at their discretion.

  3. The Stipulante guarantees that it will act entirely within the Law and that it is the only one responsible for the acquisition of the contents and payment of the fees for the provision of the service by the Freelancers Copywriter.

  4. In addition to the guarantees previously presented, the Stipulante is exempt from any others, express or implied, that eventually cover the content presented by the Freelancer Copywriter.


  1. The Freelancer Copywriter declares and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Stipulante, its directors, employees, subsidiaries and partner companies from any liability in the event of claims, litigation, actions motivated by plagiarism, damages of any nature, labor, tax and other liabilities. Other unilateral ones that arise as a result of the contracting of the freelancers services of elaboration of texts.


  1. Em virtude do tipo de contrato que a Estipulante possui com seus Clientes, é garantido o direito de rescindir a oferta contratada a qualquer tempo e modo, por meio de notificação de efeito imediato a ser encaminhada ao e-mail do Redator Freelancer, não sendo devida qualquer remuneração por serviço eventualmente iniciado.

  2. Estes Termos de Uso e Condições poderão ser rescindidos a qualquer tempo por qualquer das partes, sem que seja devida à parte contrária qualquer tipo de indenização.

  3. Na hipótese de o conteúdo final apresentado pelo Redator Freelancer conter alguma das vedações deste Termos de Uso e Condições, a Estipulante o notificará para que faça as devidas adequações no prazo de 48 horas. Não cumprindo com as exigências apresentadas dentro do prazo, será facultado à Estipulante rescindir a contratação do serviço e, se for o caso, excluir imediatamente o Redator Freelancer de seu banco de dados.

  4. A Estipulante poderá rescindir, mediante notificação por e-mail, com antecedência mínima de 24 horas, estes Termos e Condições por justa causa, na hipótese em que o Redator Freelancer viole qualquer das cláusulas destas cláusulas, e/ou condições da oferta de serviços autônomos contratados.

  5. O Redator Freelancer poderá rescindir estes Termos de Uso e Condições a qualquer tempo e modo, bastando cancelar o seu cadastro junto à Estipulante.

  6. Os serviços autônomos de produção de conteúdo que estiverem em andamento devem ser entregues para que haja a rescisão. Caso não sejam entregues, a Estipulante deverá ser indenizada pela não conclusão dos serviços.


  1. Fica eleito o foro de Florianópolis/SC, com exclusão de qualquer outro por mais privilegiado que seja, para dirimir qualquer dúvida e/ou controvérsia que possa surgir no cumprimento destes Termos de Uso e Condições de Prestação de Serviços Freelancers de Redação.

  2. Para apresentação de quaisquer avisos, notificações, dúvidas e outras comunicações, as partes deverão utilizar do canal estabelecido na plataforma online, ou outro que mantenha efeito eficaz, tal como e-mail e correspondência por escrito.

  3. As partes garantem a execução destes Termos de Uso e Condições de Prestação de Serviços Freelancers de Redação, com a intenção de se tornar legalmente obrigadas, aceitando todas as suas disposições.

  4. Todas e quaisquer dúvidas e/ou reclamações inerentes a estes Termos e Condições deverão ser enviadas para contato@meuredator.com.br